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Barre brings ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training together for a low-impact, full-body burn-fest that sculpts muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture. But BGBarre is more upbeat, more irreverent,, frankly, than just about any other barre classes out there. We can guarantee (err... in a non-legally-binding sense) that students AND trainers will walk out of every session with sweat on their brows, a tremble in their thighs, and a smile on their faces. That's why classes book up weeks in advance at studios around London, and why there is currently a waitlist for private clients.

That, and the filthy playlists. 

No really. Absolute filth.


See For Yourself

Classses in London


@Slice Fitness in Parsons Green

Group Classes

Thinking about signing up for instructor training but want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out a BGBarre class for yourself at our home studio in SW London. 

You can sign up here.

Personal Training

One to One with a Certified #badgirl

No waiting for everyone else to get their form right. No divided attention from the instructor. No smelling anyone else's barre sweat (you know it happens)... Just you, your BGTrainer, that filthy music and that BGBurrrrn.

Send us a quick note to find out more.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Instructor Training Courses
Brand New Year, Same Bad B*tch
Sat, Feb 22
Slice Urban Fitness
Feb 22, 2:30 PM – Mar 01, 6:30 PM
Slice Urban Fitness, 11 Heathman's Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4TJ, UK
Kick off your New Year with our first instructor training course of 2020. Fully CPD Certified, and certain to brighten your January. Click HERE TO BOOK.

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