The Birth of a Bad Girl

How BGBarre came to Be (Gee).

BGBarre was founded by Hillary (Nesse) Cannon — plant-powered nutritionist, author, speaker, communications consultant, and all-round wellness warrior. Nesse is a four-time survivor of an ugly disease, former professional salsa dancer, part-time politics junkie, and full-time eye-roller. 


When a series of personal catastrophes collided at once and Nesse's days darkened, she took solace in her beloved barre classes. The studio became her sanctuary and her students her saviours (just... without all the religious stuff). 

The experience led her to investigate the benefits of exercise on mental health, and the science behind "flow" state; eventually leading to the creation of her own brand of barre — the irreverent, playful, intensely enjoyable variety that literally saved her life. 

It is that brand of barre that she now brings to studios in Greater London, and to aspiring instructors from around the UK and Europe.

That, and a REALLY offensive playlist.